Let’s ponder for a moment, why are kid’s clothes so crappy? I get it, they grow out of it within the season, it's not always worth it to invest in so many higher-quality pieces. But that doesn’t mean our kids need to suffer in scratchy, suffocating, tight, and falling-apart clothes.  

Generation Joy started when a group of parents, who knew a thing or two about the clothing business, refused to accept that kid’s clothes had to be crap or cost a fortune. We know that when you take the time to design a product made from quality materials, that’s comfortable to wear and designed with cool, on-trend, playful prints that you can actually save yourself money, and make your kids a lot happier, too.  

When you buy Generation Joy clothes, you get details like: 

  • Tagless everything – Less itch, better for the environment! 
  • Reinforced Knees - Extra durability for kids at play 
  • Reversible leggings – One side with a trendy, bold print and the other, a complimentary solid color. Designed to look stylish cuffed and to grow with your child to expand an extra 2 inches.  
  • Cuffable Joggers – Jogger pants also are designed to look fashionable cuffed and roll down for an extra couple inches of length.  
  • Fabrics are soft, stretchy, breathable, and do not pill after washing.  
  • Girl’s shirts are longer in the front and back to grow with them.  
  • Girl’s shirts feature an amazing design feature called the dolman sleeve, which allows for girls to grow without their sleeves becoming tight and restrictive around their armpits.  

Finally, clothes your kids can move in, breathe in, and be their authentic, joyful selves in.  

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