Parenting in “unprecedented times” is fun. Not stressful at all. Luckily, we, as parents, have plenty of help. I’m joking, of course. We are all going through a lot right now, but we also need to seek out the joy in life.  

At Generation Joy we make quality kid’s clothes with joy in our hearts and innovation in our minds. We are parents who, with well over 50 years of collective experience in the clothing industry, just could not figure out why children’s clothes lacked the design, functionality, comfort, and cool features we demand from adult apparel. So we created it ourselves! 

We collaborated with experts in the industry to make fun, trendy, functional children’s apparel that grows with the child, is incredibly soft and comfy, and just as affordable as constantly replacing the cheap stuff you were buying – and with half the waste. Seriously, you have to see how stinkin’ cute these prints are! They are bold, colorful, and full of positive, empowering, and inclusive messages. Our kids deserve clothes they can move in, clothes that feel good, clothes with functionality.  

Generation Joy is so much more than a quality clothing line, we are taking our message of positivity and inclusivity into local communities and getting involved in community-based initiatives to be the changemakers we want to see in future generations.