Be the change you want to be in your community. 

Parents of young children right now remember the world we grew up in. It is vastly different from the one we present to our kids today. This changed us, it has molded us into a generation that refuses to just accept things because that is the way they have always been.

At Generation Joy we are committed to being the changemakers that we want to see in this world. We do not just accept things for what they are and we don’t expect our children to either. This applies to our values like representation and inclusivity of our models (and #JoyFam), our impact on the environment, and so much more. We also did not accept that kid’s clothes needed to be junk and fall apart after 3 washes and we will not accept that children’s clothing brands have to be, or look, a certain way either.

We have never backed down from pushing the boundaries of inclusivity, diversity, and fiercely defending that representation matters. Parents today understand the power of their child feeling seen. This new generation, this Generation Joy, is a mosaic encompassing all kids, all races, all cultures, all bodies including all the abilities, and limitations, that come with it. We know that there is nothing that our kids cannot do if they are supported, empowered, and valued.

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